Cheap and Affordable Travel Lodgings for Your Next Trip

Traveling is always a good idea, especially in hard times like these where it can become a thing of luxury. Nevertheless, with the vaccine being developed and propagated globally, we have high hopes that more and more countries will start to open up their borders and things will be back to normal in no time, which is why we have prepared you with these top recommendations to get cheap and affordable lodgings like accommodation Potts Point to prepare you for some post-corona traveling!

Budget Hostels


Many backpackers have quit their job to travel across countries with low living costs like those in South East Asia, and while they have the funds to stay in a big and fancy hotel, if they are not wise with their finances, they could end up cutting their trip short. 

Many opportunistic business owners understand this, and they respond by establishing budget hostels to accommodate backpackers and other travelers alike. With a cost of about $5 per night, we’re sure that budget hostels can make it to your top travel lodging recommendation!

Local Guest Houses


A guest house is not a bad choice for travelers because they are cheap, clean, and most are located in strategic places near favorite tourist destinations. Guesthouses have grown in number in many Asian countries like Indonesia and Singapore; tourists enjoy the comfort of a guest house because they feel closer to the locals and the spirit of the culture, and with a cheap cost of just $10, you can spend the night comfortably to start your day fresh!

Room Rentals


With lodging applications like Airbnb, most tourists don’t even go to hotels anymore to save money on accommodation expenses. Many property owners who don’t use their property rent them to tourists via applications like Airbnb for money. For example, someone who lives in a big house but has spare rooms might rent the other rooms to tourists. They enjoy the company, the story exchange, and of course, the handsome payment. 

The price to rent a room depends on the property itself. A simple studio room could cost up to $25 per night, while a fully furnished apartment with a kitchen set, indoor bathroom, etc., could be around $80 per night. 

The Bottom Line

There are many other ways to get cheap and affordable lodgings for your travel, but these three are our top recommendations from the list. Always remember to communicate with your travel partner and decide based on which you’re comfortable with!