passport on top of a travel bag

Tips on how to renew your passport

Are you planning an international vacation or business tours? Well, one of the requirement need is a passport. It is then essential to check if the passport is still valid to avoid some misunderstanding on your traveling day. The process of reviewing if the passport has expired can only take a short time or even few seconds, but most of us we forget checking until it’s at the last minute.

Having your passport renewed will help you save thousands of cash that you could have used on your upcoming trip.



Tips to fasten the passport renewal process


Apply in person avoid the intermediaries


Doing the process on your own or by applying by the mail will make the process faster than using some intermediaries. Hiving intermediaries in the chain will cost you a lot because they will demand payment and also delay the feedback. Appearing in person in the agency will save time in some process most of the cases the photos in the expired passport are not transferred to the new one. In this occasion, you will be needed to be there for the pictures replacement.



Have the right passport Photos


Passport photos have their requirement for them to be verified and used in your passport. Having the right and required type will save time because you will not be asked to go back and bring others. Make sure when taking passport pictures you should not close your eyes, minimize the background colors its advised that the background should be white. You can save some time by taking the photos yourself or even move around and find the best post office, which can produce quality. Always remember to open your eyes and maintain neutral expressions.



Routine follow up


Keeping in mind that the agency is busy and deal with many people your application might lose or even misplaced. To avoid this, you have to be visiting and inquiring about the status of the passport. By doing this, you will able to notify them about the application, and if misplaced it will be easy traced than waiting till the moving day to ask for the passport it will not only cause inconvenience but also confusion. Also having a day-to-day visit will help if there was a mistake in the application you can quickly rectify.



Asking friends on the easy way


This is the best way and the most efficient way to trace the passport. Try and find out how the people you know who have just renewed his or her passport. A friend will help you have the right procedure that will help you have the same passport but with cheap way within a short period. For those who wise to renew their visas. Find out from people who you know and will give you the best information on how to go about. With all the above tips be assured that the process will be faster and in a cheap way.